No-Code Machine Learning Automation Platform For Computer Vision and Natural Language

Build and Deploy Machine learning models in Hours for Images, Video, Audio, Emails, Social feeds and documents

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Accelerate Your Business Impact with an AI Advantage

Skyl is no-code AI platform for product managers, data scientists, and developers to simplify machine learning with zero coding, minimum learning curve, and high accuracy.

All You Need to create a Machine learning model

Skyl automates your complete machine learning workflow and allows you to quickly build, train and deploy ML models at scale, with results in hours instead of months.

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Key Benefits

Solving machine learning problems with ease

Guided machine learning workflow to build AI

Collect & Label data from multiple data sources

Monitor real-time progress of your data collection & labeling collaboration jobs

Train model using state of art fine tuned neural network architecture

Deploy & version Machine Learning models

Real-time monitoring of deployed models

Featured Skyl AI models

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