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Accelerate Your Business Impact With an AI Advantage

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for any business to leverage the data assets continually created through customer interaction and digital transactions. By deploying advanced AI and machine learning tools, organizations can identify current operational challenges, define ongoing strategy objectives and discover potential performance advantages. is designed to streamline this AI advantage by making it easy for product managers, data scientists and developers to simplify machine learning with zero coding, minimum learning curve and high accuracy.

Improved Overall Performance
Unlike your average AI development company, we provide a state-of-the-art no-code platform that helps accelerate your AI adoption with simple, template-based machine learning (ML) workflows. Your team gains the ability to easily collect and label data, then train and monitor machine learning models for complete control over inputs and outcomes.
Enhanced Computer Vision
From image classification to object detection and facial recognition, advanced computer vision can help unlock new operational efficiencies and discover new data relationships. Yet translating image data into actionable insight is no easy task — the variety of visual data sources and types makes it challenging to create effective and adaptable interpretation models. See the difference with our intuitive computer vision solutions.
Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)
For any enterprise AI company, advanced NLP is a priority — natural language processing offers the potential to derive business intelligence from raw data, improve customer support and boost brand reputation. Our powerful NLP platform lets you work with text data sources to build in-depth AI solutions like sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text summarization etc. using named entity extraction, and content classification frameworks.

All You Need to Create a Machine Learning Model

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We’re not just an AI platform company — Skyl automates your complete machine learning workflow and allows you to quickly build, train and deploy ML models at scale, with results guaranteed in hours instead of months.

In practice, this shift from static data sources to actionable intelligence can help improve market targeting, increase conversion rates and reduce redundant tasks, in turn boosting your bottom line.

Operations staff also benefit from our machine learning automation platform — using Skyl to handle repetitive data entry or verification tasks frees more time to focus on growing your business.

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