About Us

building the future through AI

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to empower every organization on the planet to build a smarter world with artificial intelligence.

Skyl enables organizations to implement and sustain complex AI workflows; predicting outcomes and solving new kinds of problems with machine learning.


Our Values

We build ML implementation technology to tackle the most ambitious challenges businesses and researchers face today.
From cutting edge early disease detection, to predicting natural disasters; we are fundamentally bettering our world through AI.


Focus on driving impact - Solving important problems requires fearless bias towards action.


Own business transformation - AI adoption leads to more jobs and economic growth, but it’s not easy disrupting the status-quo.


Are fearlessly committed - Persevere and triumph as a team.


Respect people, respect earth - We’re building a better world for everyone; and our business ethics and initiatives reflects that.


Actively champion diversity and inclusion - even in the face of adversity.