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Computer Vision Solutions for a Data-Driven World

Visual data can unlock new efficiencies and help interpret the world beyond human capabilities. They generate meaningful insights to meet new business trends and challenges. With solutions ranging from image classification, object detection to facial recognition, computer vision is effectively solving problems and changing the way businesses work.’s advanced computer vision platform allows users to build systems with a variety of uses from enhanced clinical diagnostics and getting insights from property listing images to reducing automobile accidents and improving damage assessment for the claims process.



Image classification is the process through which a computer understands and processes images based on context and divided into categories. Machine learning algorithms can automatically classify sets of unstructured pixel data.

Skyl’s Image Classification can help businesses minimize their efforts in understanding image context and focus on solving problems, driving revenue, and gain business insights.

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Real-time object detection is emerging as a trend in different industries including retail and surveillance. Detecting specific objects with accuracy is now possible as machine learning enables a camera to ‘see’ and recognize each physical shape, like a person, building, or car. platform enables you to build object detection models that can identify objects specific to your business needs and draw inferences by analyzing them.

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Facial recognition application allows the detection of people’s faces in an image. Facial detection software is applied to automate a variety of tasks that need personal identification.

With the machine learning platform, you can build a facial recognition solution that provides highly accurate facial analysis. The model can be used for a variety of purposes including verification, safety, and surveillance.

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