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By employing Artificial intelligence and Computer Vision, transportation companies can exponentially improve the ease of transport and safety, while still keeping the cost low. AI helps in many ways to improve traffic management, driver & passenger safety as well as crime surveillance and safety in public transit.

COMPUTER VISION - Image Classification

Fleet Safety (prevention)

Accidents are an almost unavoidable event when it comes to using automobiles. AI models are used to reduce chances of accidents occurring and ensure the safety of the driver and fleet. Using Object detection models on driving video telematics can track risky driving practices and irresponsible driver behavior.

Fleet Safety (prevention)

COMPUTER VISION - Surveillance

Dash-Cam Video Screening

Dashboard camera footage is a great way to analyze incidents at a street-level. Many businesses store millions of hours of footage that they screen to check for surveillance purposes. Manual screening of this footage can be tedious and time-consuming. AI can automatically screen this footage and reduce the time of searching through dash-cam data. Events like accidents, break-ins, and hit-and-run can be tracked from video using Object Detection technology.

Dash-Cam Video Screening

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Skyl machine learning workflow
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Skyl machine learning workflow
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Skyl machine learning workflow
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