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Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence that trains machines to understand text and spoken words like humans. NLP gives machines the ability to process language through text and get more value out of the data. It is playing an important role in enterprise solutions to streamline business operations, simplify business processes and increase productivity. By enabling systems to interpret opinions and emotions, NLP further helps you understand your audience, their buying intent, manage your brand reputation, and improve customer satisfaction.’s powerful Natural Language Processing platform helps automate complex business processes and gain relevant insights by building systems for Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Entity Analysis, and Content Classification.



Text Classification can help organizations extract value from unstructured data such as web pages, emails, surveys, chats, and social media conversations. It categorizes text into organized groups that enable structuring the data and getting insights from them easily.

Text classification is becoming an important part of business processes as it can enhance data-driven decisions. NLP platform enables organizations to build highly accurate text classification models for sentiment analysis, topic analysis, and more.

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Entity Recognition

Named entity recognition (NER) is a form of Natural Language Processing, which identifies and extracts key information from texts. NER extracts information (entities) from unstructured texts into pre-defined categories like names, locations, quantities, etc.

NER has proven to be a useful application in many fields, providing solutions for real-world problems such as information extraction from customer reviews, news articles, social media interactions, and powering content recommendations. Using the NLP platform you can build and deploy exceptionally accurate NER models in hours.

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