Skyl AI Platform

get your machine learning projects to production

Become smarter through AI-driven intelligence

Skyl accelerates your AI adoption with simple templatized machine learning workflows. Our platform delivers the ease of automation, transparency, and collaboration to help your enterprise become smarter through AI-driven intelligence.

Solve complex business problems by implementing machine learning models that transform your data into actionable intelligence.


How Skyl automates:

End-to-End machine learning workflow

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skyl workflow

Key Features

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data Labeling

Data Visualisation

Machine Learning

Model Monitoring


Experience extreme flexibility with data collection through a variety of methods.

Easy to integrate the Collect API which can be hooked to your application data at source for collection.

Collect data in bulk with the help of CSV upload.

Create collaboration jobs to collect data through Skyl mobile and Form-based data collection methods.