Release Notes

We are constantly improving our AI platform and adding new features. These features aim to make it easier to get started with machine learning projects and bridge the gaps in ML workflow. Have a look at our updates that are now live and available on the platform.

Platform Hotfix v0.26.2

Whats New:

Jan 05, 2021

  • 'epochs' dropdown values updated in training.

    Platform Hotfix v0.26.1

    Dec 09, 2020


      • Forgot password not emitting reset email for users.

      Platform Hotfix v0.26

      Whats New:

      Dec 04, 2020

      • 'Epochs' dropdown values updated in training.


      • Training failing for NER projects in case of large corpus of text.

      Platform Hotfix v0.25

      Whats New:

      Nov 13, 2020

      • Additional model training AUC and ROC reports are now available for classification projects.
      • How-to-videos are available at each step of the machine learning workflow to guide platform users.


      • Removing a user from an organisation showing the user as 'invited' under Team Members.
      • Wrong Date shown in invoice listing.
      • While creating a new subscription, user access metering not updating correctly.