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At, we assist our customers in their journey to run a seamless, AI-driven business. Our array of services empower enterprises to reach their goals in improving business outcomes like increased revenue, optimized cost, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, all backed by the latest AI-enabled solutions. provides an array of services that include consulting & advisory for AI and ML adoption, data management for AI models, end-to-end development for your AI-enabled applications, and integration & implementation services for AI models and core business applications.


AI Adoption Assessment

Adopting AI into your organization can be a tricky affair since there is a lot of mysticism surrounding the capabilities of AI and how it can be leveraged. assesses where AI could find a fit in your organization's operations & processes and how AI can make these processes more efficient.

AI Systems Integration provides expertise on how to integrate AI models with your various software systems so that they work as a coherent, intelligent unit without performance and compatibility issues.

AI Performance Evaluation

Obtaining peak performance from your AI systems can be a complex and sensitive operation. reviews your organization’s current AI workflows, usage of data assets, and ML hyperparameters to improve your AI system’s performance.

AI-Enabled Development, MLOps, Data & Integration Services

Proof of Concept Development

Organizations in the process of adopting AI are naturally inquisitive about how AI can add innovation and business value in their use cases. Proof of concepts deliver immediate value and provide an opportunity to test the technologies, methodologies, and feasibility in implementing an AI solution. builds proof of concept ML models to provide a demonstration of AI’s capability in solving your real-world problems, at a rapid pace and reduced costs.

POC / MVP to Production

Moving a proof of concept model to production requires a considerable amount of legwork and resources to complete. converts your POC model into a production pilot or a full-fledged production model in an expedient manner.

AI-Enabled Software Development develops highly customized, AI-enabled applications & software solutions, catered towards providing a competitive advantage to your organization by automating internal workflows and improving business intelligence. services include the development of solutions like:

Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Robotic process automation alone has its limitations and restrictions when automating your business workflows and clerical processes. introduces AI to traditional automation tools, increasing the range of its implementation to more complex processes.

Conversational AI solutions automates your business communication with intent-based AI chatbots powered by machine learning. AI chatbots can use popular communication channels to provide faster customer support and validate customer requests by understanding conversational context. Smart assistants can streamline communications and processes within your organization.

Computer Vision solutions

Convert your images, video streams, and frames into meaningful insights using’s Computer Vision solutions. We deliver high-end solutions to automate character and facial recognition, multi-object identification, detection or tracking, image segmentation, and classifying objects of interest.

Natural Language solutions

Enhance how your organization handles unstructured and semi-structured text applications by implementing Natural Language Processing, Understanding, and Generation. provides solutions for your text recognition and search, machine translation, speech-to-text conversion, and content generation needs.

Analytical AI solutions

Powered with deep learning,’s analytical solutions are designed to derive value from the data your organization generates and interacts with. AI-enabled analytics examines this data and provides insights that contribute to data-driven decision making. Time-series forecasting, predictive analysis, risk assessment, resource optimization are a few implementations of analytical AI.

AI Model and Application Integration

For AI systems, deployment isn't as simple as creating an offline-trained ML model. It requires reliable integration in a complex ecosystem to operate at scale. deploys multi-step, high-functioning pipelines to integrate ML models with your existing or new business applications, to ensure reliable and coordinated AI system functionality.

Extended Teams For AI & ML Projects offers you a large talent pool of data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, MLOps specialists, working at your premise or remotely, to smoothly collaborate and contribute to your AI projects.


Like modern application development, ML development is iterative and it needs to be operationalized or put into production to obtain a return on investment. implements MLOps practices to unify ML system development and ML system operations in your organization. advocates automation and monitoring at all steps of ML system construction, including integration, testing, releasing, deployment, retraining, and infrastructure management.

Data Management

Data Collection

Your ML Model is only as good as the quality of data you train it with. With the involvement of subject matter experts, analyzes your data requirements and collects the most relevant, high-quality data-sets of various formats, from disparate sources, for training your ML models.

Annotation & Labelling

Annotating or labeling your data can be a resource-heavy and time-consuming activity. provides trained AI Professionals with extensive experience to annotate or label your data accurately, in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Data Verification scrutinizes your existing data assets, verifying if the input data used to train your ML models satisfy properties aligned with your expected outcome.

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