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What is Text Classification in NLP?

Text classification or text categorization is a natural language processing (NLP) technique that allows machines to understand and then categorize text into organized groups. Classification algorithms allow machines to automatically analyze text and assign predefined tags or categories to it, based on its contents. Using Skyl.ai’s AI platform you can quickly build and deploy high-quality text classification models in a matter of hours.

Text Classification Industry use case:


Content Categorization

The age of the internet has brought with its troves of content and data which has become impossible to categorize manually. ML helps companies to automate this process by training algorithms which can categorize a huge amount of text, image, audio, video content into predefined categories and topics

Content Categorization


Product Categorization

Ecommerce businesses thrive on the element of a wide variety of product and service options to choose from, which a traditional brick and mortar shop can’t provide. The business, at the same time, should make it easier for the consumer to find the product with minimal effort. Ever growing product portfolios make it very difficult to do this categorization manually. AI can categorize products automatically into predefined topics and help to automate this process as and when new products and categories get added

Product Categorization


Chat / Email / Topic Modeling

Each day customer service teams spend a huge amount of time reading and resolving chats and queries. AI techniques like NLP (Natural Language Processing) make this time-consuming and monotonous task much easier and convenient. This helps in attending to bulk of customer queries within a short time and achieving customer satisfaction.

Chat / Email / Topic Modeling


Test Assessments & Rating

New-age learning techniques such as e-learning and smart curriculum are employing AI-based Natural Language Processing to evaluate progress in learning. The technology assists teachers in the assessment of the student’s learning based on tests. NLP helps to evaluate these tests and rate the students based on the results.

Test Assessments & Rating

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