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How to analyze text data for AI and ML with Named Entity Recognition

Understand how Machine Learning can be used to analyze text data with Natural Language Processing and Named Entity Recognition.

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AI in Quality Control: How to do visual inspection with AI

Learn how AI and Computer Vision can be used to aid visual inspections and efficiently detect defects to prevent huge losses and hazards.

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How to classify documents automatically using NLP

Learn how Machine learning can be used to identify and automatically label news articles

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis in 10 Minutes using Machine Learning

Discuss the approach to build a Twitter Sentiment Analysis model within 10 minutes without any tech complexity.

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How to do Secure Data Labeling for Machine Learning

Learn the data security risks in AI and Machine learning and how to handle aspects of data security with respect to platform, deployment and workforce, along with a live demo of secure data annotation

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How AI and Machine Learning can Transform Organizations

Learn how AI and Machine learning technologies have revolutionized the businesses to breakthrough into new capabilities.

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