Solving the AI Dilemma: Should You Build or Buy Your AI

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About the webinar

Long gone are the days of questioning if your organization requires Artificial Intelligence to drive competitive advantage. 84% of businesses say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain the competitive advantage [Forbes].

AI offers highly data-driven insights, automates mundane processes, enhances customer experience, and hence increases overall efficiency. 36% of executives say their primary goal for AI is to free up workers to be more creative by automating tasks [HBR].

Webinar on solving the AI dilemma

Businesses know what AI solutions they need but the real challenge lies in getting them implemented. AI initiatives require proper evaluation of the organizations’ ability to build in-house AI technology or buy commercially available AI applications.

Through this webinar, you will know the factors to consider while making the decision of AI implementation, and you get the answer to your biggest question - whether to build or buy AI application.

What you will learn

What factors to evaluate before making a decision to build or buy an AI solution

What will you require to build an AI model specific to your organizational need

How does building an AI solution fit into the long-term business model and help in gaining competitive advantage

Speaker(s) & Panelist(s):


Nisha Shoukath

Co-founder and COO at

COO & Technology leader with over 20 years of experience in Product development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning business strategy and acceleration. Consultant to Fortune 100 organizations across IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Biotechnology, Banking and Insurance sectors to deliver business impact.


Mohit Juneja

Solutions Architect

Technology enthusiast with 13+ years of experience working in the information technology and services industry. Leads cutting-edge solutions for businesses using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Shruti Tanwar

Lead - Data Science

Extensive experience working at the forefront of innovative projects, building future tech using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.